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This is for single day events, or “meetups”.

Sept General Meeting in Santa Paula!

The next general meeting will be on FRIDAY September 5, 5PM, at the Santa Paula Car Show.  We will meet at Ebel Park, near the corner of Main Street and 7th Street.  The club will provide burgers and chicken. You need to bring a chair, your own beverage, and a dish to share.

General Meeting – Thursday April 3rd * 6:30 PM *

Our next General meeting of the Los Padres Ski Club is at our summertime hours of 6:30pm on Thursday April 3rd. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share and the club will BBQ burgers and Chicken. Yum!

This meeting also our annual nomination meeting and we are looking for candidates for:

Vice President
Winter Trip Coordinator
Web master

I know for a fact that I will be stepping down as President, Brian will be stepping down as Vice President due to host commitments at Mammoth, Kappy will be stepping down as membership to join her retiring husband on long trips. We also need a new web master. This is a fantastic club and I look forward to mentoring the new President. Please be advised that not attending the meeting will subject you to being drafted into a board position – I know as that happened to me!

So come, sign up for our April Ski Trip (yes, it is snowing in Mammoth right now!). We always have lots of fun!

February General Meeting – Feb 6th 7:30PM

1. The next Los Padres Ski Club general meeting is on Thursday, Feb 6 at 7:30 pm. It is snowing in Mammoth and we will be having signups for exciting trips for the rest of the season. So bring your checkbook and reserve a spot now!

2. My wife, our club treasurer retired on January 30th, and I plan to follow in her remarkable footsteps within the next year. That means also that I am still retiring as club President this spring so think about being the President of the oldest Ski Club in Southern California. LPSC is a super group and there is always someone who will help plan and run events. As President, you get to help guide the way and lead the Board – a great and fun experience! I will be around to mentor the new President, as well as Miguel and others, so there is no downside!

3. As always, please bring a snack to share.

December General Meeting – Dec. 5th 2013 7:30PM

Hi Members

1. A reminder that at the next Los Padres Ski Club general meeting on December 5, we will have an holiday gift exchange. If you wish to participate, please bring a gift valued at about $15.00 – NO white elephants please. The gift exchange is always lots of fun.

2. We are looking for a new Vice President/ President-in-training. Brian McKenna has taken a job as a host at Mammoth and will be missing meetings, though he will still enjoy participating as a member in the club. Also, I will be retiring from work in the next year and will not be running for re-election as President. Kappy and I plan to travel extensively for a while making it inappropriate for me to be President. I will be glad to mentor a new President will continue to help out the club. Being Vice President/President is actually pretty easy and lots of fun! LPSC is a super group and there is always someone who will help plan and run events. As President, you get to help guide the way and lead the Board – a great experience!

November General Meeting – 11/7/2013 – **7:30PM**

As we slip into winter, please join us for the General Meeting an hour later, 7:30 pm, on Thursday, November 7, at the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club. Feel free to bring a snack to share.

I want to thank all the folks that made this year’s Progressive Dinner special:

Maggie for coordinating, important bus reservations, and helping
Kristin for signups, coordinating, shopping and much more
Brian and Tom for shopping and helping to set up

Our 4 hosts deserve a very special thanks, as it takes quite a bit of prep to get your house ready for 40 friends and then to clean-up later:

– Evonne, your house is always beautiful and a great way to start and end the evening
– Linda, we actually got to your house in time for sunset, and it was gorgeous. The salad was tasty, too!
– Stephanie, your new kitchen is great and the patio setting area was very nice. Several folks loved the soup!
– Sylvia, the dinner was fantastic. The chicken was moist and the beef was great. We loved having everyone a 2 tables so close together.

BTW, Mammoth opens soon and they are making snow. They have already had 12″ fresh stuff. So bring your checkbooks and be ready to sign up for trips!

August General Meeting – FRIDAY August 2 at the Santa Paula Auto Show

August General Meeting – FRIDAY August 2 at the Santa Paula Auto Show. The show starts about about 530 pm, at Ebell Park, corner of Main and 7th, Santa Paula. We will be doing our monthly BBQ of burgers and chicken and also walking through the Car Show. Bring a side dish, appetizer, or dessert to share, and also BYOB. And if you have a classic car, bring in too!