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Last Chance to Sign Up for April Ski Trip

We have many people signed for the April 15-17 Mammoth ski trip and will be making condo reservations soon.  If you wish to go on this trip, please contact Tanya by April 1st to sign up.   Remember, your check is needed for a reservation.  There is PLENTY of snow at Mammoth and more to come, and some folks are planning to stay into the following week.

Mammoth Trip – March 8th – 11th

It is snowing again in Mammoth and we have room on our 3-day to Mammoth. We have reserved the condo for 3 nights: Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. So for a change, instead of leaving early to drive home on Sunday, we stay until Monday and leave after we are done skiing on Monday.

Cost is only $152 per person, so for only $32 more you get to ski an additional full, uncrowded day at Mammoth. Trip coordinator is Scott Anderson, cc’d above. So email him or call Scott and let him know you are going to go. Remember, your check in Scott’s hand is your reservation and it is first come, first served.

This will be a fantastic trip, so call Scott now so we reserve enough condo rooms!

Mammoth Trip – April 20 – 22

Yes, there is still plenty of snow at Mammoth and it is still open, so we decided to have one more trip April 20-22. Jeff Heath will be the trip coordinator and the cost is $120 per person. The plan is to go up VERY early on Friday morning so we can ski that morning, as well as Saturday and Sunday.

If you are interested, contact Jeff, and as always, your check in his hands will be your confirmed reservation. There is still room for more people, so sign up!

January Mammoth Trip – Jan 6 – 8th

Please contact Scott Anderson to sign up for the January 6 -8 trip to Mammoth.

This is a drive up trip and we and should be loads of fun. Even though Mammoth right now is lacking real snow, they have made tons and tons of snow that isn’t too bad. And the group always has fun.

Your check is your reservation and it is first come, first served. Trip policy info can be found here