Monthly Archives: March 2016

Last Chance to Sign Up for April Ski Trip

We have many people signed for the April 15-17 Mammoth ski trip and will be making condo reservations soon.  If you wish to go on this trip, please contact Tanya by April 1st to sign up.   Remember, your check is needed for a reservation.  There is PLENTY of snow at Mammoth and more to come, and some folks are planning to stay into the following week.

Hike March13, 10:00am Wildwood Regional Park


We’re doing a club hike at a new location — Paradise Falls in Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks. If you could do the last hike in the SLO Botanical Gardens, you can easily do this one. Hike starts at 10 (remember to set your clocks FORWARD the night before). Lunch after. Rain cancels.
Your Social VPs — Carol, Jessie and

General Meeting, Thursday March 3 – Green Elephant Gift Exchange

Please join us for our monthly general meeting at 7pm on Thursday, March 3 at the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club and bring a snack to share.

Mammoth is slammed with snow and there is lots of great skiing.  Please bring your checkbook and sign up for one of our remaining trips!  Trip dates and information is on our website.

At last month’s meeting it was suggested that we have a Green Elephant Gift Exchange.  It was decided that the “Gift” should be something that used to be special to you, or to the person who gave it to you, but now begs to be shared with someone else.  It should be something practical and in good condition.   Wrap it, and bring it to the next meeting.   We’ll all be looking forward to unwrapping our new-to-us treasures!