February General Meeting – Feb 6th 7:30PM

1. The next Los Padres Ski Club general meeting is on Thursday, Feb 6 at 7:30 pm. It is snowing in Mammoth and we will be having signups for exciting trips for the rest of the season. So bring your checkbook and reserve a spot now!

2. My wife, our club treasurer retired on January 30th, and I plan to follow in her remarkable footsteps within the next year. That means also that I am still retiring as club President this spring so think about being the President of the oldest Ski Club in Southern California. LPSC is a super group and there is always someone who will help plan and run events. As President, you get to help guide the way and lead the Board – a great and fun experience! I will be around to mentor the new President, as well as Miguel and others, so there is no downside!

3. As always, please bring a snack to share.