Board of Directors

Meet the 20162017 Board
Tom Reed President. Tom is a longtime LPSC member, has coordinated many ski trips, loves biking, and is keeping his eye on the level of the Kern River for a possible tube trip!
Stephanie Brasacchio, Jessie MacLeod and Carol Sexton — VPs and Social VPs. These three put their blonde heads together to come up with social events and activities.
Brad Nelson Secretary. When he’s not skiing, Brad keeps track of what the Club is doing and is our environmental conscience.
Evonne Peterson Treasurer. Evonne is the keeper of the Club checkbook, and has always been a real cheerleader for the Club.
Tanya Courtney Ski Trip Coordinator. Tanya makes sure we always have a place to stay in Mammoth.
Jeff Heath Webmaster. Je keeps the website current, so you can always find out what’s happening at
Ryan Bruns Membership. Our newest board member loves snowboarding and promises to bring new blood to the Club. Welcome, Ryan.
Kent Adams – LA Council Representative.  Kent keeps us informed of other club’s events and ski trips planned by the Council.